My Shopping Bag Lifter

I was walking home one night from the supermarket and the bags I was carrying were as heavy as a metal ball. I was walking like a snail and sweating like a pig.

When I stopped at a red light, someone from behind freed the bags out of my hand. My defensive instinct kicked in a few seconds later because I was so relieved of the burden. Before I could turn around to face my shopping bag-lifter, the light turned green.

A guy slowly walked ahead of me, holding my bags.

Those are 3 heavy bags. It just doesn’t show.

He was the cleaner of our building who I greet every morning. He doesn’t speak much English so I guess he didn’t see the point of asking permission to carry my bags. ‘Twas fine with me and I merrily skipped all the way home.

Talk about God’s little surprises!


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