The Wallet-Friendly Stay at Aloft Hotel

A week before payday is the worst time to have a holiday. It’s the time of the month when everyone is living on a tight budget (in our case, whatever is left of it), hoping the week goes by fast, marking the calendar ’till pay day.

This holiday-weekend, I wanted to do something different – that means kicking my husband out of the bed. Though short on funds, this was how I managed to gift us with a glamorous overnight escape:

I searched for the cheapest but nicest hotel deal our company offered.

We got a free room upgrade because the hotel wasn’t full.

The Captain carrying the meal and snacks we bought from Spinneys. I carried myself. Yes, I am spoiled.

The Breezy Room

Basic but very comfy

Complimentary drinks

Mirrors and sliding doors to the bathroom

Why no toothbrush?

The view outside our windows

Night view

Of course, he went straight to bed. At least it was a different ambiance.

He asked me why I had to take one big luggage for an overnight stay. Because, I came prepared! No ordering of over-priced hotel food, I told him.

I ate all night and we slept all morning.

It was playtime as soon as we woke up. I let him be, it’s not everyday he gets a city view with his guns and bombs.

In the afternoon, we went out to the pool area but it was too crowded. I was scared of taking a photo because it was overflowing with semi-naked bodies 🙂 Ohh lala.

Cozy FATBOYs! Oh, it would be nice to have one of these at home.

We requested a late check-out so I could scout the area and lounge along the corridors.

We spent a total of 264.32 AED for an overnight stay in a four-star hotel.

234.32 AED – Double occupancy inclusive of taxes without breakfast (I brought breakfast)

30.00 AED – Food bought in a supermarket before check-in (Grilled chicken for dinner and chips for midnight snacks)


Hope you had a fun holiday-weekend, folks!


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