Never Too Late

I am so proud my sister is back in her school uniform.

I’ve always tried to be a good example to my younger sisters and it seems like this one followed after my footsteps – she went to 3 different schools and this is her 5th year in college with at least 2 more years to go.

Though my university adventure was more of pursuing my passion for writing, hers was because of financial predicaments. It was an ordeal for us all to see our little sister’s studies greatly affected by my father’s death – grief, trauma, health problems, emotional battles and financial difficulties.

She had to transfer from the city to the province to the city again and she had to stop school for a semester, then a year. All her  original batch mates have graduated. As she gets older, tuition fees increases and as the years go by, her time stood still.

When I finally got a job last April, all I can think of was my sister. I was so ecstatic because she could finally pay school debts and re-enroll this semester. She patiently waited a year for this.

True to His promise, I will never leave you nor forsake you, God provided at the right time.

I admire my sister’s spirit and enthusiasm after all these. She may be the oldest one in class but I think God made her short and bubbly so that no one would notice.

Nothing is too late in God’s agenda. You may be in and out of school because of money matters, you may be having a hard time meeting your educational needs, you may think you’re too old for school… but keep hoping, trusting and praying because in God’s timetable, you are on track!

Take it from me, 7 years in college!


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