Dishes and Diamonds

What women really want…

A message I received from my friend EMILY.

”Majed washed all of our dishes on his day off today…when I was at work! It was the best gift ever!And on top of that  he took me to the gold souk and bought me a diamond necklace for our 1 year anniversary!”


Gentlemen, note that the ranking for ”best gift ever” is:

1. Doing the dishes

2. Diamonds

Wives are easy to please. Knowing my friend, she would be very contented with just the dishes being done for her. Husbands helping around the house supersedes any luxurious material gift. But if you could do both for your wife, then hats off to you! (High five, coach Majed!)

Dear Cap, I’m perfectly happy and contented with the sandwich you made for me tonight. That was so sweet of you. Let’s sell my diamonds and buy new football shoes for me?


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