My Favorite Book in the World

A well-read Bible is the sign of a well-fed soul. What about a well-colored one?

Let’s walk through mine…

Falling apart…

This was given by my one of my big brothers during their mission trip in our mountains when I was 14 years old. Those were the days when trimline Bibles were still rare in the Philippines. That time, I felt like the kid with the newest gadget.

Kuya Jon in Balangao…

Yes, I studied in a Bible College.

A seminary friend wrote my name in Korean? Japanese? Chinese? I forgot. I have yet to verify if it actually spells my name. Haha.

My papa page…

I always wanted to attend a Billy Graham crusade.

The gospel illustrated (from ABCCOP Publications)

My grandpop page. I am blessed to have parents and grandparents who are readers and doers of the Book.

Will there be enough evidence to convict you of being a Christian?

My recent quiet time notes.

Ahh, it’s rugby (super glue) time again!

Book of Psalms highlighted.

Seminary notes.

A reminder for me…

The Simplified Bridge Illustration…

Last page – some IDs…

A friend once asked why I keep my old and tattered Bible when I can easily buy a new one.

I know it’s full of sweat stains, tear stains and coffee stains, but this is the book I carried during the summers I taught DVBS to children of my tribe, the first camp I facilitated in, my university days, my father’s death, my first year abroad, my wedding…

Its mere presence is a testimony of God’s unwavering love and mercy for me. Un-used Bibles make beautiful displays that no one reads. Worn out Bibles make beautiful lives that everyone reads.

So what does your Bible look like?

“No one ever graduates from BIBLE study until he meets the Author face to face” – Everett Harris


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Book in the World

  1. I have my worn-out bible too. Bigay ni Mommy. But, last year, I decided to give it a rest and use a new Bible (my discipler’s gift for my 18th b-day, 5 years ago). I still have it and I’ll give it to my future children. Marami kasing memories ang nakasulat doon. Reminds me of my “teen” years. ^_^


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