1 is 2 Many – No to Violence!

When my husband and I were still dating, people would whisper to me,

”Naku! Magingat ka, kapag asawa mo na yan, mananakit yan.”

(Be careful, when he becomes your husband, he’s gonna hit you)

I am entirely against the idea of judging a person according to their nationality. Because if that’s the case then, here in the UAE, ALL Arabs are violent people, ALL Indians are smelly, ALL Westerners are materialistic and ALL Filipinos are housemaids pretty. Only uneducated people think that way, except for the last part.

Here’s my violence report on the man who people think would leave me beaten, black and blue.

Number of months dated = 8

Number of months married = 11

Number of times he shouted at me = 0

Number of hits = 0

Number of attempted physical pain = 0

Number of fights he initiated = 0

Number of times he fouled someone in his online football video games = unlimited, cannot keep track

No to violence!


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