3 Kinds of People You’ll Meet in the Morning

1. People who leave their trash in the elevator.

2. People who steal your taxi.

3. People who stare at your legs or your chest or whatever little flesh is showing of your decent work attire.

I miss having stress-free mornings. Every morning in Abu Dhabi is like a war. As soon as I leave my door, I see all sorts of things that create havoc in my heart.

These are God’s morning reminders to me that inner peace is found only in him. So help me God.


2 thoughts on “3 Kinds of People You’ll Meet in the Morning

  1. The more you pay attention to such things, the more they disturb you. There are much larger problems and mistreatments in the world – be thankful that what you are seeing or facing are so miniscule !

    Acceptance, and at times Purposeful Ignoring works for me. At times Taking Action helps – I sometimes offer my taxi to someone else if I am not in too much of a hurry (I believe that karma will ensure that someone offers me a taxi when I am in need of one 🙂 ) or sometimes I ask if we can pool a taxi during the morning peak hours. I completely look through people who stare – I sort of feel I am denying them the pleasure of knowing that they could make me uncomfortable.

    You are a happy person, generally, I feel. Be happy not only because of something but also in spite of something 🙂 You know Violet, there is a very nice saying which goes something like this – “No one can make you feel bad, without your consent.” So it is really up to you – just don’t let anyone make you feel bad!


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