A Job Hunting Experience – Anon

This is what I experienced a few months back while job hunting.

A big company in Dubai opened one day for both walk-in applicants and scheduled interviews. The vacancies started from minor positions up to the general manager position.

I was one of those with an appointment but I didn’t even manage to see the elevator.

The turn out was a MOB! There was no organizer or coordinator. The queue was a disaster because people were just passing everyone. It was a crazy scene.

The company couldn’t handle all the walk-ins so they stopped the interviews and promised to call those who weren’t accommodated that day.

It seemed like a hopeless waste of a day.

But this is what I did. As soon as I got home, I emailed the employer, explained what happened to me. After 3 days I got another interview.

I am now hired by the company.

Lessons I would like to share to my fellow Filipinos:

1. Speak up. When in a crowd and people are shoving you, we have the tendency to let things go and complain to ourselves. But at times like this, with people (bigger and taller nationalities like us) who don’t know the rules of lining up, we need to speak up.

2. Be smart. When one approach doesn’t work, find another alternative.

3. Be patient. Job hunting is hard especially in a country where everybody is looking for a job or better opportunities. But patience will get you there.

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3 thoughts on “A Job Hunting Experience – Anon

  1. I wonder if they hired any walk-ins. They probably should have scheduled the appointments and walk-ins on different days.


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