She is Loved 101%

In 2002, Bethany Kay Lucasi was born into our family. She was two years old.

Today she turned 13.

I remember her first night at home with the family. She stood at the door with outstretched arms and cried at the top of her lungs like she was calling for someone. It went on for a few nights then it stopped when we mischievously kept her away from the door at night fall.

For 10 years, God gave me the opportunity to be a big sister to her. I have loved her the same way I loved my sister Doree Joy, sometimes even more.

My father used to say to us kids,

”I love you all 100% and love Bethany more – 101%”

She was God’s special gift to us and we understood that Biology is the least measure of love. Papa made perfect sense.

Happy 13th little sister. We pray you grow in the knowledge of Christ, strengthen your faith, study hard, develop your swimming abilities and someday travel the world!


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