Sheba (Chapter 1)

A short story written years ago inspired by my little sister.

In honor of her 13th Birthday


Sheba… Sheba…Sheba!

Amidst the playful bustle and cheery laughter of the big house, she huddled in the farthest corner of the kitchen floor. She heard her name being called over and over. It was almost an hour of gentle nudging and the aunties were becoming wary.

She tightly wrapped her frail arms over her bended knees and refused to look at them. She stared at her toes listening intently, waiting, waiting.

Lola came in with big bags of diapers on both hands. One look at her surrounded by the worn-out aunties and she smiled knowingly.

“Where is JM?”

The little boy padded in barefooted. For 3 days he suffered a terrible cold and was kept in a room away from all the other children. Dragged out of bed, his shirt was rumpled and his hair was sticking out in all directions. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and focused on removing a stubborn snot out of his red nose. The aunties led him slowly towards the kitchen, his feet made a soft pit-pat on the floor.

As soon as he saw her, he forgot all about his nose and quickly ran towards her. He slumped on the floor and peered at her.

He whispered,

Sheba looked up instantly. The intent frown that was plastered on her face turned into a wide smile that gloriously showed the gap between her two front teeth. She opened her arms and wrapped them around his neck.

He struggled to breathe. She giggled. They held hands and together ran out of the kitchen. The aunties laughed in bewilderment. Lola grinned.

Tomorrow there would be two little sneezing noses in the isolation room.

To be continued…


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