What Makes Football so Important?

God knows how to balance things out.

With these false allegations and possible scam-case above our heads, God still gives me reason to be joyful.


It’s not like I’m a phenomenal player. In fact, I don’t even stand-out and most of the time, I fail in ball control. Haha.

But something magical happens when I’m in the field with a ball, playing with others who I may or may not know. In the game, all my life frustrations evaporate in thin air as I work with others toward one common goal – to get the ball in. When it happens, I get this feeling of euphoria, which transcends any miseries I presently have. Plus, the excercise produces endorphins, endorphins make people happy.

This week I’d be one of the 3,000 athletes who’d be playing in the 16th Annual Armed Forces Officers Club (ADAFOC) Ramadan Sports Festival.

The inclusion of a women’s event is a key part of the festival. We will have a diversified participation in the women football competition this year with teams from Spain, Brazil, Thailand, Egypt, Bahrain and Kuwait taking part against local teams.

This is our schedule. We play against UAE, Morocco and Spain.

Have you noticed the time? We play at MIDNIGHT! While everybody else is snoring, I’d be running the field like crazy, catching my breath every 5 seconds. Haha. This should test my super night-owl abilities.

My favorite part of the game is the opportunity to play!


6 thoughts on “What Makes Football so Important?

  1. hi vio….im happy that you’re still playing….kaw na ata successor ko sa soccer…he he..anyway,we know that God is always there for you no matter what happens….take care always ading….


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