Etihad Footballers Shine during the Olympics Night

That title is so misleading. Sorry, I wanted to tie-up this post with current events.

While the whole world was glued to the television waiting for the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, history was being made in a small pitch in the faraway land of Abu Dhabi.

Tonight marks the first ever outside game of Etihad Women’s Football Team. We played against the Abu Dhabi National Team. It was 8-0 in favor of the seasoned players.

But seeing my teammates play passionately hard, a newly-formed team with a few newb players, it felt like the game was 0-0.

I declare it was a draw!

Official game starts on Monday. Stay tuned for Etihad vs Spain.

iViva Espana pero mas yo quiero Al Etihad! ¿Por qué? Si.

My Spanish is so lame. Haha.


6 thoughts on “Etihad Footballers Shine during the Olympics Night

  1. Hey, any answers for the fill in the blanks? MAKE DISTILLS? Hoping and praying that you and your team would become “Giant Slayers” or “Dethrone Royalty” (seemingly not politically correct right after Arab Spring… heh he)


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