AFOCH’s 16th Open Sports Festival

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The AFOC Open Sports Festival, which was launched in Abu Dhabi in 1997, is today among the greatest sporting events on a local, Middle Eastern and international level.

The Championship attracts world-class National sports teams, clubs and individuals from all over the world to compete in various sports disciplines.

Since its inception the event has evolved from a local tournament to an international championship.

Etihad Footballers – Taline, Imen, Faye and me

How the kick-off was presented…

It’s no secret that the AFOC Open Sports Festival is now arguably the “Richest and Most Popular Ramadan Tournament in the Middle East”. This is manifested by the cash and kind prizes at stake and the record number of participants and sports events involved in the championship.

The presentations were well-prepared and very entertaining, considering I don’t get amused easily when it comes to stage performances.

This is the first time I’ve seen a laser light production. It was awesome watching a 4D-ish light presentation in front of me…


This was the equally awesome football show.


The entire time I kept on wondering how these men survived this… as if there was nothing between their legs!


The basketball finale. I hate to admit it (since I don’t really like basketball except for J Lin) but these guys were brilliant!


It was one great show! Clap, clap for the organizers.


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