My Sweaty-Sporty Husband

”Does you husband play sports?”

My manager asked me one day.

”Oh yes, he plays all sorts of sports… online,” I answered.

For the longest time I’ve been trying to get my husband out of the house to jog or play football with me. His answer is always,

”No. It’s too hot. I don’t like to sweat.”

So if he’s not sleeping, he plays… in front of his laptop.

I dragged him one day to this opening ceremony of a sports festival with all sorts of manly-sweaty games just to make him know that he’s missing out on the real sports – football, basketball, tennis, squash…

He was going through the game schedules when he suddenly blurted out,

”Look! There’s something I can join!”

I was so happy he finally found something to sweat about, then he pointed me to this:

Who in the world made playstation a sport?!

Oh, and they do take it seriously.


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