Swimming with the Tiny Giants

We had this private pool all to ourselves for two nights.

The kids would pester me all day, ”can we go to swim?” and I would come up with all sorts of delaying tactics.

”After you sleep.”

”After the rain.”

”When the sun is out.”

”After you massage my whole body.”

At the end of the day, one of them would announce ”let’s go swimming!” All the others would scramble to change into their bathing suits. Then with Puss-in-Boots eyes they’d come to me and plead that we go.

No matter how cold the water was, the adults braved the chill just to make them happy.

This is the perfect depth for someone who can’t swim!

”Nikki, what are you doing?”

”I want to pee!”

Good girl for doing it outside the pool.

Zeus spent half of his pool time planking on the side… with his crazy uncle.

Find the hidden crazy…

4 kids and a marriage going stronger… and noisier!

Sometimes it takes a night of swimming with these kids to remind you of your value in life. Children don’t look at you and judge you by how much you earn, your achievements, your work ethics, your capacity for loyalty or your ability for survival.

They look at you with child-like faith, trusting that when you say ”we’ll go swimming,” you will indeed go swimming. Your time is the only currency of worth.

The simple joys in life is making the tiny ones the real giants of your life.


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