Saying the Good in Goodbye

The night before our last day we watched old family videos. Everybody had a good laugh!

Early morning preps for a family photo shoot

”I can do it by myself.”

Some behind the scenes

Shooting like a pro

Lunch time!

Afternoon insulin for mama

Costly meds 😦   Continually trusting that God will provide.

Thankfully, She has a new doctor, my childhood friend’s dad, who cares and keeps track of her progress. Doctor Padre, you are greatly appreciated by this family.

Preparing to leave

Where is the good in goodbye?

I wish someday even if the kids forget these days, they would always remember the moments.

At times like this, we all remember papa and his joyful, funny antics. But we’ve learned to smile again, to laugh again and to keep his memory treasured in our hearts – only through God’s grace this family survives, 5 years and counting.

Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family. ~ Anthony Brandt

4 thoughts on “Saying the Good in Goodbye

  1. ang galing galing mo talaga violet..I REALLY SALUTE YOU!!!! i have read ur blogs b4 when i was in hongkong, now that i’m hir in the Phils.i still do..i’m also from bayombong..batch tau s NVGCHS 2002


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