Happy He Paid iPad Day

I had to work overtime on my birthday – the usual Thursday madness. After work my brain wanted to ”party” but my body was too tired to cooperate.

We had a quiet dinner at Chilis instead.

Vouchers are my bestfriends 🙂

On the way home, my husband and I had this talk

HIM: So what’s my gift for you?

ME: Change the light bulb you promised to change ages ago and that’s the best gift ever.

HIM: Your gift is a flower.

I snorted at him (He knows I don’t like flowers).

HIM: I think I need to return your gift because you won’t like it.

He continued babbling about his gift hiding in the house, which he said I had to find. When we reached home he wanted me to hunt for the treasure. Exhausted, all I wanted was to go to bed (If I only knew. I was such a party-pooper).

He had to physically drag me out of bed to lead me straight to the gold. Sensing something nice I had a sudden rush of energy.

I’ve wanted to have one since the start of the year, not for any other reasons but a more mobile blogging. Whenever I go out, it’s a big hassle to carry my laptop plus adapter all the time.

Just when I gave up on the idea and slowly accepted that it’s not a priority for the year, my husband surprised me. I honestly didn’t expect that.

Delayed gratification is all worth it.

Thank you for being the sweetest and always supportive of my writing ventures.

I love you foreveryday!

The light bulb can wait 🙂


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