On Turning 27

If God had to do a Powerpoint presentation of my birthdays for the past 27 years, It would be mostly of me on the floor, tears streaming down my eyes, red nose, mucus dripping.

I have ”holy” tantrums almost every birthday. It’s that one time in the year when I act like a total baby, seeking full attention of my Heavenly Father. Being a daughter of the King of Kings, my royal tantrums are so dramatic…

God and I, we fight a lot (or rather – I fight with Him). But as days go by I am shamed when I see how all things unfold and work together for my good.

This year I turn 27 and it’s official, I have reached my late 20s. The realization that I only have 3 more years to fulfill goals like have a baby, settle down in a decent country, provide for my family, buy a house, loose weight (which conflicts with having a baby) before I reach 30 – all these give me a mental stroke.

But when you spend 27 years in the arms of God, crying like a baby, you learn one thing: Year after year, drama after drama, He remains true to his promise that He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it. 


Seeing my life now, God has brought me to higher heights, helped me fulfill a lot of my goals and plans which I cried for on my birthdays starting when I was a little girl.

So this year instead of groaning and dissolving in tears, I choose to thank God for all his wonderful blessings that came and is to come.

And I pray that He bless all these wonderful people who had been part of my dramatic 27 years.

See you all on my 28th!


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