Calluses and Crutches

Warning: This post contains gross photos.

This is the permanent condition of my feet: weekly blisters, lumps, calluses, dead nails, twisted ankles and bruises on my legs.

The bruises I have no problem with because those become my battle scars. But the rest, they’re nasty and painful. After every training or game, I couldn’t walk straight because of the pain.

I blame that on my shoes and my genes – ginger-shape feet with unusual arch and pronation. Finding perfectly fitting football shoes is next to impossible.

During training last week, my teammate got injured. She had to be in a cast for 2 weeks and had to stop playing football until she fully recovered.

Now my blisters look so small and insignificant compared to her cast.

We had lunch together to try to cheer up the ”cripple”.

Faye and Bonnie

I should be thankful I have two legs to walk with.

Get fast quick, Smithy Faye!


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