Letter to Agoda from Maldives

As of today, Agoda has refunded the amount spent in this booking.

Dear Agoda,

We have been trying to cancel our booking online but this error keeps on coming up:

”We are sorry, but the current status of your booking does not allow you to use this function of Agoda Self Service.”

We have a booking for SUNNY BREAK INN in Maldives through your website. We arrived this morning and no one came to pick us up from the airport. We rode a taxi to the hotel and found it CLOSED with no people in sight. No sign or whatsoever. We were forced to scout the area for another hotel after a very tiring trip.

This is very disappointing.

We would like to have our money back in FULL REFUND with an apology and compensation from the hotel. This was supposed to be a vacation and we trusted both Agoda and the hotel to deliver.

Moreover, to avoid fuss and trouble for future travelers and to maintain the integrity of Agoda, it is advisable to stop the online booking for this hotel since it is not operational as of today (until who knows when).

Respectfully yours,

Disgruntled Traveler


Thanks to this inn who accommodated us very nicely for the night. We’ve been having a great time since then.

Today we head off to another island hotel adventure!



3 thoughts on “Letter to Agoda from Maldives

  1. Aww, that’s awful. I thought Agoda was a good bet. Do write them directly. I hope they respond to your letter ASAP.
    Enjoy the rest of your break!


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