Crashing for a Night in Hulhumalé

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.

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Hulhumalé is the largest land reclamation project undertaken by the Maldives government. The island was conceived as the “New Male”, born out of the growing need to ease congestion within the country’s capital.

RippleBeach (15)

This is the little bustling community we stayed in for a night.

After arriving to a closed and deserted Sunny Break hotel, our taxi driver brought us to this long stretch of coconut palm trees, where boutique hotels and inns lined the beachfront.

Ripple Beach Inn, welcomed us with open arms.

RippleBeach (2)

This homey inn is a perfect place to stay overnight before transferring to your island resort or to refresh before a flight home. Hulhumale enjoys direct access to the international airport and takes less than 30 minutes by bus or taxi to get there.

RippleBeach (3)

RippleBeach (5)

I love the wooden interior – locally handmade furniture and coconut wooden flooring.

RippleBeach (7)

RippleBeach (8)

RippleBeach (6)
RippleBeach (9)RippleBeach (10)

RippleBeach (11)The dining area was cozy and the WIFI (not available in rooms) was speedy and reliable.
RippleBeach (12)

Our room was small and intimate but basic needs were provided.


RippleBeach (16)

The beach was just across the one-lane street.

RippleBeach (13)RippleBeach (14)

We woke up to this free and simple breakfast, served with care by polite and helpful staff.
RippleBeach (17)

Sleepy eyes was in a mood to have his picture taken.
RippleBeach (18)

I am always in the mood! Singing, ”the coconut-nut is a giant nut, if you eat too much you get very fat…”

RippleBeach (20)

Meet the reason why Ripple Beach Inn shines – SHU SHY!

She went out of her way to make our stay a very pleasant one. She helped us sort things out with Agoda and Sunny Break Inn, she coordinated our transfer to the island hotel, she provided us answers to all our questions and to top that, she gave us a reasonable discount.

She is a star.

RippleBeach (21)

Good morning, Day 2!


A book, a cup of coffee, a ray of sunshine to start the day.

RippleBeach (1)

Oh that my heart may sing to you and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give you thanks forever.


3 thoughts on “Crashing for a Night in Hulhumalé

  1. oooh what a memories you brought back to me. I lived in Maldives for 3 months and I remember it like it just happened yesterday. Nice memories in this Island “Hulhumale”


  2. Wow !!!! Thanks a lot .. So lovely pictures and thanks for all your comments .. .. Ripple will always welcome you .. any time 🙂


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