WhiteShell Beach Inn Maldives

Maafushi is a beautiful inhabited island that provides a wonderful opportunity for budget travelers who want to stay longer days and experience the local life of Maldives.

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”WhiteShell Beach Inn is a small private hotel at Maafushi island, designed for those seeking an easygoing, foot-in-the-sand experience.”

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Greeted by a very friendly front office manager, Wasantha, a Sri Lankan brought by the waves to Maldives.WhiteShell (2)

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WhiteShell (3) ”The WhiteShell Café and Restaurant provides a wide variety of fresh juices, hot and cold beverages, sandwiches, and snacks. The famous Italian coffee, Lavazza is also served.” WhiteShell (5) Stepping on sand while dining is foot scrub galore. WhiteShell (6) Very pleasant and polite staff. I admire their professionalism, knowing when to serve, to help, to maintain distance and to disappear at the right time. WhiteShell (9) WhiteShell (7) ”Wake up to the sun rising over the ocean just a few steps from your bed, in a perfect vision of tropical paradise.” WhiteShell (12)WhiteShell (13) Our room was simple yet speckless. WhiteShell (14) WhiteShell (15) Hands down, this is the cleanest hotel room I had ever been in my entire life. No dust, no molds, no smell, no rust, no stain – cleaner than those multiple-star hotels I’ve been to. They clean the rooms everyday and change towels and sheets too. My obsessive-compulsive mom will love their cleaning man. WhiteShell (16) I like how the showers and bidet have strong flow of water. This makes washing the sand and the sticky feeling off your body easier after beach time. WhiteShell (17) The communal living room where you meet new friends.WhiteShell (10)

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The atmosphere is so laid back and relaxing! WhiteShell (18) ”The soft sandy beaches are fringed with coconut palms and caressed by the clear blue waters of the ocean.” WhiteShell (20) ‘There is nothing to disturb your tranquility as you sway gently in a hammock or sunbathe…’ Except for the black birds that crow incessantly and steal your food when you’re not looking. 🙂 WhiteShell (21)The tourist-friendly beach area in Maafushi is shared by all the hotels. WhiteShell is luckily just in front of this beach. Guests from other hotels have to walk to this side to enjoy the waters. WhiteShell (19)What’s most impressive about this humble inn is the number of visitors from all around the globe that stayed, enjoyed and pledged to come back again. guestbook (1) Here are just a few from their thick pages… guestbook (2)guestbook (3)guestbook (4)guestbook (5) NOTE: WhiteShell Beach Inn is a hotel in an INHABITED Island. It is within a community of local Maldivians. The beach area for tourists is very limited but prices are relatively cheaper. You can also buy food in the local mini groceries. Expect to see everyday life on your vacation. If you are looking for a luxury hotel or a secluded island, UNINHABITED islands would be your choice.

We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came. – John F. Kennedy

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Quoted texts from http://www.thewhiteshell.com


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