Lazy Day in Maldives

Good morning, day 3!maldivesday2

Humble breakfast for the hungrymaldivesday2 (1)

Food for the soul, starting the day right

maldivesday2 (2)

Scouting the area, no pirates lurking in the sea

maldivesday2 (3)

Dear Diary

maldivesday2 (4)

Only God’s touch could paint such a beautiful day!maldivesday2 (11)

maldivesday2 (7)

maldivesday2 (5)maldivesday2 (6)Big feet!
maldivesday2 (8)

His playmates for the day

maldivesday2 (9)

maldivesday2 (10)

The beach book clubmaldivesday2 (12)

Snorkeling time!maldivesday2 (13)

maldivesday2 (15)

maldivesday2 (14)

Feet scared of the waters. It would take her a day to warm up to the tiny waves.

maldivesday2 (16)

Ohhhh, the dolphins arrive!

maldivesday2 (17)

Someone stole my snacks!

maldivesday2 (18)

Can’t be popped by a birdmaldivesday2 (19)

Frustrated, she cawed at the food through the transparent lid and left. Haha.

maldivesday2 (20)Dinner by the shoremaldivesday2 (21)

God in his awesome splendor made the skies, the seas and the land to form this majestic world we live in, but out of all of Gods creations, his best handiwork was you.


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