On the Fifth Day of Maldives

Good morning, day 5!

maldivesday5 (1)

Oh hello there, little girl.

maldivesday5 (2)


maldivesday5 (3)

Morning waves make breakfast roll.

maldivesday5 (4)

maldivesday5 (5)

My husband’s first scare of the day.
maldivesday5 (6)

Kids are love

maldivesday5 (7)

New faces in the beach todaymaldivesday5 (8)


Same old me with my same old face…maldivesday5 (9) maldivesday5 (11)

maldivesday5 (12)

maldivesday5 (13) maldivesday5 (14)

maldivesday5 (10)

Someone stole from me again!maldivesday5 (15)

As if you like coffee, you birdy.

maldivesday5 (16)

Bird watching eh?

maldivesday5 (17)

His pet for the day

maldivesday5 (18) maldivesday5 (19)

Our new friend Mister Coconut-Souvenir Man. He sells fresh coconut juice during the day goes to his souvenir shop to sell trinkets at night.

maldivesday5 (20)

He’s so cheerful and chatty.

maldivesday5 (21)

May your businesses increase.maldivesday5 (22)

Today we walked around and watched the island in its everyday life.

maldivesday5 (28)

We came back home to a candle-lit dinner by the beach.maldivesday5 (23)

I don’t think my husband remembered what to celebrate that night.

maldivesday5 (24)

I told the staff to surprise him with a banana split after dinner. He did serve the ice-cream on time but forgot to put the note. For a second my husband was confused.

Then the note came out!maldivesday5 (25)

It has been 2 years since the night we first met, when he already had a crush on me (see what blogs can do) and I was too preoccupied with the fun, I didn’t really pay attention to him. Haha.maldivesday5 (26)

Surrounded by the crashing of waves, chirping of crickets and hushed voices, we laid our heads to rest.maldivesday5 (27)

It was again another beautiful day.

That I may proclaim with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all Your wondrous works – Psalm 26:7.


One thought on “On the Fifth Day of Maldives

  1. What’s the yellow stuff in the bowl on the plate that you had for breakfast?
    That’s a funny looking banana “split”…banana chunks?
    May your 3rd “meetaversary” be even happier than this 2nd one!


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