A Day in Biyadhoo Island Maldives

Good morning, day 6!


Today was set for a tour of a neighboring island, to get a feel of an inhabited atoll.

Biyadhoo Island Resort is set in twenty five acres of attractive, palm studded gardens, imaginatively landscaped to preserve the natural primitive wilderness that merges into the snowy white beaches.


Biyadhoo (4)

Biyadhoo (3)

Arriving in destination.

Biyadhoo (5)

Biyadhoo (7)

You can traverse around leisurely end to end in 20 minutes.

Biyadhoo (10)

Front desk, lobby and library.
Biyadhoo (8)

Good reminder posted on their board

Biyadhoo (9)

After seeing blue for so many days, it was refreshing to see a world of green.
Biyadhoo (11) Biyadhoo (12)

First stop was the spa to schedule a couple’s massage. My husband had a very bad backache that made him toss and turn for the past nights 😦

Biyadhoo (13)

Ooohh, a small, medium and large football goal post.

Biyadhoo (14)

The hut of water sports

Biyadhoo (15)

Beach side rooms

Biyadhoo (16)

”Look a baby DINOSAUR!” my husband cried. Biyadhoo (18)

Seriously he calls it a DINOSAUR.

Biyadhoo (17)

Passage 3 oops

Biyadhoo (24)


We found ourselves a spot, under a low but wide canopy. It was a good place for those who didn’t want lie directly under the sun.
Biyadhoo (19)

But of course, this guy had to jump up and inspect the massive green above him every time he heard animal sounds. Haha.Biyadhoo (21)

My newly acquired sarong pants

Biyadhoo (20)

Most of the guests were old couples so the beach was so quiet. I had a peaceful afternoon reading.

Biyadhoo (22)

We waited for the sun to go down a little, then it was time to head for the waters!

Biyadhoo (23)

Biyadhoo (25)

Welcome again to the under sea!

Biyadhoo (26)

The seaweed is always greener, in somebody else’s lake
Biyadhoo (27)

You dream about going up there but that is a big mistake

Biyadhoo (28)

Just look at the world around you, right here on the ocean floor

Biyadhoo (29)

Such wonderful things surround you, What more are you lookin’ for?

Biyadhoo (30)

Thanks to old friends who loaned us their underwater camera. It’s a must to have one when exploring reefs.

Biyadhoo (31)

It was the longest time I’ve been under sea water.

Biyadhoo (32)

What you looking at?

Biyadhoo (33)

Time to go home after a relaxing spa. I am getting darker and darker.

Biyadhoo (35)

A wild bird we met while waiting for our boat ride. She was standing so still by the waters for a really long time, patiently waiting for her prey. I wish I had that patience.

Biyadhoo (34)

Hassan and Jose, gentlemen of the sea, arrive! See, I wasn’t kidding about the red carpet.

Biyadhoo (37)

The day ended with a yummy fattening meal.

Biyadhoo (38)

More photos to follow!


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