Valentines in The Village – One to One Hotel

Experience the stylish elegance and intimate warmth of One to One Hotel – the Village, a tranquil urban sanctuary in the thriving heart of Abu Dhabi.

A free night for a happy hearts day

Adding to the love is a complimentary Deluxe Suite upgrade. Isn’t complimentary the sweetest word?

one2one (3) one2one (4)

View from the enclosed terrace

one2one (5)

one2one (7) one2one (8) one2one (9) one2one (10)

one2one (16)one2one (17)one2one (18)

one2one (13)

My 3rd Valentine year with this candy-coated man.

one2one (11) one2one (12)I thank God for giving me a husband who spoils me everyday and strokes my hair every night before I sleep…

one2one (14)

And keeps my technological networks connected all the time.

one2one (15)

one2one (19)

A delivery for me…

one2one (20) one2one (21)

We opened the box and laughed at the same time. Major fail 🙂

one2one (23)

Oh well, It’s NOT flowers so I love it!

one2one (22)

I know Valentines has become a commercialized day. But I’m happy there’s one day in a year when people plan surprises, voluntarily spend and intentionally show love to others.

If man has the capacity to love like this, how much more will our heavenly father show love to His children. His love is more than a complimentary upgrade to a deluxe suite, it’s a key to a mansion built of gold.

one2one (24)

That is the real one-to-one love.


4 thoughts on “Valentines in The Village – One to One Hotel

    1. Debbie – Merry Christmas to you too! I should have sent you our Christmas card We used a bunch of your picrutes. Thanks for being so awesome and fun. Enjoy the rest of 2011!


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