A Hearty Breakfast

Good morning, sunshine!

Off to breakfast with a book! I’ve been stuck with some articles I need to write for an exciting project. I’ve been staying up night after night facing a blank screen. Maybe food would help.

one2one (2) one2one (3) one2one (4)

How comfy

one2one (5)

Hello food!

one2one (10)

”How do I like my eggs again?” my husband asked me.

”Scrambled,” I answered.

This short exchange reminded me how my dad would ask my mom things like this. I realized now, men are so dependent on us! Haha.

one2one (6)

The fish side

one2one (7)

Nuts and finger-foods

one2one (8)

The meat section

one2one (9)

Cheese and pickles

one2one (13)

one2one (11)

one2one (12)

Bread and fruits
one2one (14)

one2one (16)

We were not expecting free food because we were on complimentary stay but surprise, surprise, our stay includes a complimentary breakfast buffet!

one2one (17) one2one (18) one2one (19) This is what happens after a heavy and free meal…
one2one (21)

Many times we greet other people goodmorning  but God knows pretty well how to say goodmorning to us!

one2one (20)

Reflect upon your present blessings  of which every man has many  not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some. – Charles Dickens


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