The Sassy Samira

Lopsided chest aside, he’s prettier than me.
I don’t like it.

He’s gonna kill me for this.

I gotta run for my life!


8 thoughts on “The Sassy Samira

  1. We jokingly call him Samira in the when they asked him what her name is in the game, she was ready with one..proudly she said im Samiraaaaa hehe..proud of you Samir.


    1. Bonjour Coralie,J\’avais une petite sugigsteon concernant l\’article indiquant les finalistes du concours. En effet, il n\’y a qu\’une photo et j\’ai bien compris que cela est du au fait qu\’il n\’y a pas de blog sur lequel se rendre pour voir le cafe9 gourmand de la photo concerne9e. Toutefois n\’est-il pas plus judicieux de mettre 1 photo de chaque cafe9 gourmand? c7a ne reste qu\’une sugigsteon bien entendu… Merci e0 toi et e0 bientf4t.


    1. Hi Nicole, thanks for your inrseett in my books. Unfortunately, at the moment, they are not available for Nook (right now they can be purchased in paperback from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and in Kindle format), although that might change in the future. If they do become available for Nook, I will announce it via my newsletter and social media outlets, so feel free to sign up to stay up to date. Thanks again for your inrseett,Rachaelxo


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