Feeding The Filipino Brain

Now that I’m all grown up and supporting my younger sister do I realize that my parents did the incredible-impossible job of putting us kids to school all at the same time. How did they do it? I am supporting one college student and my pockets are emptied even before my salary comes in. Parents are amazing!

GMA News has posted an Infographic of the cost of college/university tuition fees of some schools in Manila.

No, I will not complain about how high education costs in the Philippines.

I have worked with over a dozen different nationalities the past few years and almost all of them say the same thing: Filipinos are smart.

The Filipino education is globally competitive (may it be a private or a public school, in the city or in the province). Our country has produced and is continually producing globally competitive workforce. The professional skills, flexible abilities and the English proficiency of Filipinos are sought after around the globe.

The lack of classrooms, teachers, books and funds from the government has not stopped the Filipinos from pursuing intellectual greatness. The fees that cost an arm and a leg has not stopped our brains from striving for excellence.

unknown student – photo taken from ls.ateneo.edu

More than the academic system and curriculum, we have the greatest teachers. They do not only impart knowledge but mold minds and dreams with sincere intentions. They are the real heroes, the reason why Filipinos thrive in any workplace worldwide. The heart and influence of a Filipino teacher is unparalleled.

Tuition fees are just numbers. Money can always be earned. But wisdom and knowledge, experience and learning, all of these have no price.

Cheers to the Filipino brains!

Source of Infographic here.


One thought on “Feeding The Filipino Brain

  1. Agree! But is it the educational institution (school) that produces a better graduate, or it depends on the student wherever educational institution he or she might be in?


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