Budgets and Scribbles

I am OC-OC (obsessive-compulsive) with my finances.

At an early age I have been taught to list down everyday expenses and have learned how to budget my allowances. I keep receipts, I compare grocery prices and I take note of where my money goes up to the last cent. I keep my files neat and color-coded.

finances (2)

I have asked my husband (who is the complete opposite of OC-OC) to copy me and start listing and organizing his expenditures. I printed him a simple form to fill up daily.

At the end of the month, this is what I got.

Ok, fine.

It’s a good start.


5 thoughts on “Budgets and Scribbles

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  3. Suggest a landscape form with the columns having the most categories: meals, groceries, transpo (gas, car wash, other car related expenses etc), communications (mobile cards), etc. so he can just fill in the blanks. If he often eats out, the column width for meals should be bigger so that he can add to it as the day goes and the same for any category that gets bought several times a day. Or maybe a spreadsheet on his phone would do the trick. That’s what I do. 🙂


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