The Untamed Passions of Gifted Men

Terrible as was what the world did to me, what I did to myself was far more terrible still. – Oscar Wilde

We are a generation of gifted people living in a goal-driven society. We have this insatiable urge to dream, to pursue, to acquire, to master, to conquer.

Having this passion is not wrong at all. What makes it wrong is when it starts to control you that you lose control. It’s when you start to believe that you are the Sun and the planets revolve around you.

People of untamed passions destroy themselves first before destroying the people around them.

Do not turn your passions into crimes.

Wrestle with them. Do this moment by moment because there is no guarantee for the next time it would overwhelm you and hold you by the neck.

I quote Ravi Zacharias,

No matter how Godly you are, make sure your passions are tamed. How? Have somebody in your life who has the authority to challenge you when they see you doing wrong. Have a friend who can look you in the eye and say ‘with all my respect and love for you, you are playing a dangerous game’.

Every passion needs a friend like that. Do you have one?


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