Math and Me

After working a full day on grids and graphs on emergency escape procedures…

I came home to work on charting loans and checking interests.

When I was a student, I dreaded all my Math subjects. I used to whine and lament on how all these numbers would be useless for me in the future – a fine arts script-writing graduate.

Now I know.

One, you don’t always end up doing exactly what you studied.

Two, as you grow older, you start meeting big responsibilities like insurance, investment, loans.

In the real adult life, you have no Math geek seatmate to copy from.


While I toil on these numbers for the night, all I can think of is this:

Gone are the days when my only Math problem is how much coin do I insert to keep the animal moving.


5 thoughts on “Math and Me

  1. So I try to count money… it’s very enjoyable.. adding all the barya that I have in my pocket, some that I’ve taken from my wife’s drawers, some from what my kids left behind in the bed while they were sleeping… and in all interesting places. Math is so enjoyable.


  2. I got your point bayolet 🙂 right now I can see the significance of what we studied (like Math). We really need math when it comes to investments, bank accounts etc.


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