Hello Bangkok!

bangkok (1)

It’s embarrassing that the only thing I know about Thailand is Pad Thai.

The first time I tasted Thai food was in 2009 when an officemate tagged me along to Som’s Noodle House, a hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant in the Philippines. Since then I have loved Thai food so much. I could eat Phad Thai everyday!

When an opportunity to fly to Bangkok opened up, I packed my bags instantly. This is just one fourth of the populaton of standby travelers on that day. After 2 flights gone, my husband and I finally got a seat.

bangkok (2)

The moment I sat down on the plane, I realized I forgot my camera!

It was like a bucket of ice pouring over me. I wanted to jump off the plane and rush home to grab my left-behind. The seat belt light turned on and I sat there paralyzed, crying inside. Ever since I was a kid, I have never gone on a trip without a camera. My life, so far, has been well-documented.

Before I could start my pity party, my husband pointed at my brand new HTC phone he bought for me just the other day. It may not be a proper camera but I’m satisfied I have this rather than nothing at all.

bangkok (3)

Arriving at Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

bangkok (4)

The first things I noticed when going out of the airport were the bright and colorful taxis.

The Captain is pretty pulling pink around.

bangkok (6)

Arriving at the hotel and reunited with a friend…

bangkok (7)

The view from our room.

bangkok (8)

We quickly freshened up and went out for a late night dinner.

Having fun at the Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS). Pretending I couldn’t read English…

bangkok (11)

bangkok (10)

Middle Easterners in Thai Land.bangkok (9)

Authentic Pad Thai! Yum!

bangkok (12)

Fried Prawns

bangkok (13)

Tom Yum soup

bangkok (14)

Chicken in coconut milk soup

bangkok (15)

Vegetable rice

bangkok (16)


bangkok (17)

My new-found favorite desert – mango with sticky rice and coconut milk. I could eat a dozen plate of this!

bangkok (18)Fresh Coconut juice with my new Thai friends.

bangkok (19)

I ate the most!

Happy tummy for the night!

3 thoughts on “Hello Bangkok!

  1. Wahhhh! Sa dami-dami naman ng makakalimutan, CAMERA pa. Hahahha. Buti na lang, maganda naman din yung HTC. 🙂


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