Viva Garden Residence Bangkok

Ideally situated just 2 minutes away from Bangchak skytrain station (BTS) on Sukhumvit road, Viva Garden conveniently brings you to the downtown of Bangkok within a blink of an eye. Embellishing a modern contemporary touch by our exclusive designer… an array of neatly selected furniture with a fusion of elegance, warmth, and comfort in every apartment.

What made our Thailand trip complete was a very clean, luxurious and relaxing place to come home to after a day’s adventure.

Viva Gardens (2)

My husband chose this place because it is one of the best-rated Bangkok hotels online. It wasn’t a disappointment, in fact, it exceeded our expectations.

Viva Gardens (3)

We received quality service at a sensible price. The hotel was extremely clean and the stationery pads were not worn out. I love it when hotels take their writing papers and pens seriously.

Viva Gardens (4) Viva Gardens (5) Viva Gardens (6) Viva Gardens (7)

The toilet was so spacious. I love it when my bathtub, shower and toilet bowl do not touch each other.

Viva Gardens (9)

Viva Gardens (10)

This is one of those rare hotels that has glass showers and water does not seep through the door. I love to keep my toilet floor dry at all times.

Viva Gardens (8)

Our balcony had a view of the city lights at night and the bright blue sky in the morning.

Viva Gardens (11)

The cozy dining area.

Viva Gardens (13) Viva Gardens (14) Viva Gardens (15)

I loved my food everyday! My cravings for pork was satisfied every morning.

Viva Gardens (16) Viva Gardens (17)

My husband didn’t have much to choose from though but I’m proud of him for at least nibbling on little bits of Asian food.

Viva Gardens (18)

The pool, very quiet and relaxing at night

Viva Gardens (19) Viva Gardens (20) Viva Gardens (21)

What I loved most about this place was the service. The staff were very pleasant, humble, soft-spoken and very helpful (a huge contrast to some part of the world I know).

I got to know Patrick who escorted us to our room on the first night with a ready smile and greeted us each morning as we headed out. I loved the ladies and gents at the reception because they made us feel so at home. I loved our room cleaners because we came home each day to a spotless room and caring notes like this:

Viva Gardens (12)

I love that they treat their guests in a very personal way, replying to each ratings and comments online, not with a general “thank you, please come again” note but with a personal answer to each feedback.

I was mostly impressed by a thank you email I received a few days after leaving Bangkok.

How much did I love this place? Just count how many times I used the word love in this post.

Do I recommend this?

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