Are You Filipina? You Need a Job!

9:00 PM. Abu Dhabi Cooperative, Khalifa Street


In the tea and coffee section, an Arabic man dressed in home clothes approached a Filipina…

Him: Excuse me do you speak English?

Her: Yes? (Wondering if he was lost or something)

Him: My name is Abdallah, I come from Dubai, it is my first time here in Abu Dhabi. Is this Coop behind Al Noor Hospital?

Her: Yes.

Him: Ah. Where are you from?

Red flag raised. Lady wanted to escape but she badly needed her tea.

Her: I’m from the Philippines.

Him: From where? Manila? (Utters another place lady does not recognize)

Lady Ignores him.

Him: My father from Dubai, my mother from Syria. You know this place behind Abu Dhabi Mall? I am manager there.

Man continues on a monologue which basically says “I am rich and I can give you a job.” Lady continues to look for the tea she needed.

Him: After this we can go to garden and talk…

Her: I’m actually married and my husband is waiting for me in the car.

Him: Where? (Looks around but sees no one). Can I have your number.

Her: No.

Him: Get my number. Just get my number and call me some time.

Lady ignores him. Man slowly walks away while voicing out his number.

Him: My name Abdallah.

Lady finally found her tea, walked out of the aisle and saw the man talking to another Filipina in the corner. Poor man, he doesn’t know but Lady Tea may actually be richer than him. Her slippers were more glamorous than his.

WARNING: There are Abdallahs walking around this world thinking that because someone is Filipina, she needs a job.


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