Year Two of Happy “I Do”

It’s been two years since the day we flew violet balloons up in the air.

My first year as a wife was a bit of a struggle for me. My husband and I have completely different personalities. While I’m the goal-driven let’s-travel-the-world kind of person, he’s the relax-chill let’s-smell-the-roses kind of person. While he’s the kind who hangs his clothes after work, I’m the snake who sheds her skin all over the living room. While I can eat almost everything, he’d rather die than taste a foreign meal. While I explode in anger, he sleeps when disappointed. 

It’s true what people say, your first year of marriage would be an adjustment period.

In our second year, I have learned to let go, to unclench my fists and to stop trying to change my husband. It’s amazing how when I let go, I see the changes in him. The one-time-big-time purchases slowly stopped, no more unnecessary surprises like a home theater or expensive car accessories or an overpriced haircut. His traffic fines have gone down. He has learned to conserve water, to turn off the lights and TV. He has opened his heart to an Asian dish specifically Pancit Canton, which is a big step for his rigid taste buds. He is now unashamed to open the car door for me and is coming home on time from gym nights.

He still hasn’t learned to throw out the garbage without being told and he still love cats. Maybe those would be rectified on the 3rd year.

I, however, am perfect.

Haha. I wish. I have more flaws than my husband has and it is only by the grace of God that my husband still loves me. Whenever I do something bad, my husband repays me with good. This motivates me to be a better wife each and everyday.

I don’t think people really love their spouse until after they’ve been married to them. I think who they love is the idea of their spouse when they were dating them because they have a fantasy of who this person is. And then they open their eyes and they say, wow this person is not who I think they were… But you have to learn to love – it’s the sacrificial love, the Godly love.. human love is the love we are capable to do, Godly love is the hard love to do. – Leslie Vernick

Every morning when I wake up, I shower my sleepy husband with kisses and I thank God that in the good times and the bad times, God loves him more than I do.

Even if he sleeps like this.


4 thoughts on “Year Two of Happy “I Do”

  1. Happy 2nd anniversary Aunt Violet and Uncle Sam! I hope and pray that you’ll continually grow in so much love and respect — learning to adjust and accept each other’s differences as the days go by. May God hold you both in times of happiness and in times of grief, and may He guide you in making decisions for your family. ^_^ Again, Happy Anniversary! 🙂

    P.S: Sana sa 3rd year, magka-baby na kayo. Hahaha. 🙂


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