Unchanging Love that Changes Me

Once again, I find myself in God’s classroom of love.

Constantlybig (2)

This time, like so many times, He did not spare me from the rod. He spanked me hard and spanked me good and I cried like a baby in His arms.

I asked him why and this He said, “because I discipline those I love.”

This is my journal for today:

If you are in a low point like me, filling up bottles of tears in heaven, know that whatever you did, no matter how unforgivable it is in the human eyes, rest in the knowledge that  nothing will ever change how God sees you – His favored one, His child.


3 thoughts on “Unchanging Love that Changes Me

  1. God is Love. So simple yet so profound. Thanks for this powerful reminder, Violet! Will share it on our Ditri page. 🙂


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