A Royal Star Scout

When I was in 3rd grade, I was chosen to be one of those model scouts who would lead the entire school in a pledge for the “Star Scout Law.”

Every year my school would choose an elite group of girl scouts who would stand in a circle and one by one go to the center to pronounce a scout’s honor in behalf of all the girl scouts of that institution.

I was assigned to the code, “A girl scout is loyal.”

It seemed so simple, but it wasn’t for a 3rd grade who can’t say the word loyal correctly and who can’t walk and stand like a girl. Every night for a week, I rehearsed my great speech and practiced how to walk like a proper mini-lady. My mom helped me by repeating the word loyal with me over and over and my dad kept me company as I choreographed my 4-lady steps towards an imaginary circle.

When the big day came, I had the most awkward walk, a bow-legged stance, and, for all the school to hear, proclaimed, “A girl scout is ROYAL.

I have this picture to commemorate that day.

gradeschool (5)

After the ceremony, my mom rushed to me like I was the star of the moment, like she wasn’t a witness to the embarrassing mistake I did. She even brought me a Royal True Orange drink because it was a very hot morning. My proud dad came to me, fixed the crown of star atop my head and made me stand still so he can get the perfect shot.

That day, I didn’t feel bad at all, instead I felt loved and special.

The following days, however, I remember my mom giving me tongue twister lesson on the letter R and L and  my dad coaching me to walk in a line with a book on my head.

God loves you the way you are but he refuses to leave you that way. – Max Lucado

I am thankful my parents didn’t abandon my cause and I am most grateful that God isn’t giving up on me either, until I have a royal crown on my head.


3 thoughts on “A Royal Star Scout

  1. Three things I loved about this post:
    1) GSP – I was more of a Girl Scout than a COCC-er.
    2) Your parents’ undying love for you!
    3) Royal – you said it right. We are royalty! :]


  2. Ha..ha..ha… ading your Dad and your mom are your best teachers….They also teach me many,many, things….. they are special in my heart and so I LOVE them!!!!!!


  3. I would have just asked my teacher to give me another line, hehe.
    You are a princess, however, a child of the King! So in your case, tama nga!


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