Young Women on the Journey 2013

manila bookfair

Do you remember this?

From the makers of the bestselling devotional, Young Women on the Journey,  comes another compilation of inspiring testimonial devotions  written by young women to fellow young women.  As if making major life decisions in the transition from adolescence to young adulthood  were not enough, many young women today are encountering a range of challenges in their journeys — pressures, pains and losses –  such as they never have before.

Editor Faye Villanueva-Chelabian says,

And then I found myself walking on a journey with 34 young women of different walks of life (the count includes Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio who graciously wrote an amazing foreword to the book)…. Some had battle-scarred hearts, some had physical scars, some were born scarred, and some laughed at their scars… Indulge yourself through the pages of this book and find that if God turned the ashes of these women’s life into something beautiful, He can do the same thing for you. Enjoy!

Come to the launch and meet & greet the writers!


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