Webby Book Launch

I’ve been looking forward to flying home to the Philippines for this year’s Manila International book fair.

Since the day I was invited to contribute to this book, I was counting the days when I’d meet my fellow writers and see my good old friends in the book & publications world.

Sadly, the universe (my workload and the very low chances of a return flight) is keeping me here in Abu Dhabi at this time.

Last night, my broken heart unknowingly spent half of my supposedly ticket fare on “comfort” shopping.

So before I spend the other half of my ticket money on unwanted goods, I would like to share it instead to family, friends and friends of friends who are going to the launch of the book BEAUTY FOR ASHES today (Sept 13, 3-4 PM) at the Manila International Book Fair or buying the book from the bookstore soon.

Here are the easy steps to stopping the destruction of a depressed shopper and winning yourself a treat:

1. Like the new VIOLETOLOGY FB PAGE.

2. Post or tag a picture of you and your friends with the book (until end of October).

AND you and your friends will receive a special fun gift all the way from the land of the camels!

Looking forward to seeing all your pictures and pretending I was there!


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