Backpacking Birthday

Hello from my HTC!

This is the first time I’d be blogging from my phone.

Today is my birthday and I could not imagine that I have reached the age that I, when I was a child, saw as “very old”.

So I checked my bucketlist to find something I should have done in my younger years.

Backpacking alone in a foreign country.


The spontaneous me bought a backpack, shoved her clothes in, booked a ticket and jumped into the plane. No big plans and no set itinerary, just me and my adventurous spirit.

14 hours of snoozing and butt shifting followed.


Seeing one of the world’s largest cities from above. I had always been fascinated with this country. I used to collect anything that had their flag or colors – shirts, bags, slippers, underwears and whatnots.


After a long trip, my backpack has arrived!


Today I celebrate God’s goodness, for He did not spare me from the pain, heartbreaks and hardships of my 28 years so that I can genuinely appreciate all the joys and goodness He can lead me too.


4 thoughts on “Backpacking Birthday

  1. MS V! I have been updating myself with your ‘spontaneous travel’ BUT still cant work out where you have gone



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