The First Drive

Today is the best day of my year.

Blue Skies Khalifa City B

I woke up this morning feverish and dizzy. I was late for work and I didn’t have a ride. I cried in the shower feeling helpless and so dependent on others. I have always felt like a cripple in this country.

I got dressed and like my usual mornings, I studied my options of how to go to work today. No one was available.

I had one last option but I was too scared to even consider it. I looked at the mirror and asked the tired teary-eyed person staring back at me,

“Is your problem big or is your God bigger?”

I closed my eyes and prayed, breathed in deeply and walked out the door. I got into my car, adjusted my seat, checked my mirrors, put on my seatbelt and drove off the gate.

8 hours later, after work, that same car came back home, into the gate, safe and sound.

My brand new driving license was smiling at me.

“Her first time in the road and she drove all by herself!”

So do not fear I am with you

Three hard years of commuting, hitching and riding with others has finally come to an end.


8 thoughts on “The First Drive

  1. Very inspiring Violet! You made me really smile with this post. I actually felt encouraged and ready to conquer my own fear of driving. 😀
    Thanks! And yes, God is bigger than our problems/fears.


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