The Rock of Marriage

In marriage as well as in life, our focus must be on what we’re choosing rather than what we’re losing.

We have to embrace wholeheartedly the road on which we find ourselves. We as couples must become the change that we seek. Dreams that aren’t followed by deliberate choices don’t come true.


Healthy marriages begin with commitment and are sustained by discipline. Our part is to grapple with choices that don’t necessarily come naturally.


Every marriage rests upon the pilings of both partners’ choices. Every time a decision is ignored or reneged on, the marriage suffers a severe thunder shock. Every decision is crucially important.

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Healthy marriages don’t happen by accident. The tendency of nature is toward the wilderness. If our marriage isn’t getting healthier, then it’s dying.

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But if you find yourself in a marriage where you are the only one willing to be intentional about making these choices, don’t lose heart. These decisions will strengthen your character and move you towards maturity.

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And who knows how God might use your faithfulness to bring change into your spouse’s life? Perfection is not our goal, love is.



But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead. I press on toward the goal to win the prize which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 3:13,14

Quoted from LIFEMATES, A Lover’s Guide for a Lifetime Relationship



2 thoughts on “The Rock of Marriage

  1. Husband and wife must takecare of this God given gift- the Sacrament of Marriage. Both parties must have discipline and sacrifices so that the marriage will be healthy, lovely and go on smothly at all times. Third party is the usual cause of the rock of marriage. As such each party must be vigilant in monitoring the activity of his/her partner that cheating and or the involvement of a third party would be avoided. At times in real life, the husband still manage to cheat inspite of the vigilance of a faithful wife. The wife is always the last one to know. She’ll only discover it when it is already the talk of the town. The worst thing is when the husband has a child or even several children with the third party. In this situation the wife should take extra care in handling the problem to save their marriage. Because of pride instead of being calm and find a positive solution, the wife takes revenge by having an illicit affair with another man. There are few instances when the rock of marriage is caused by the wife’s infidelity. The is the worst thing that happens to a man’s life. Everyone in the neighborhood knows it and he is the very last guy to know the activities of his unfaithful wife. In these scenarios the problem could still be solved if both parties will compromise and seek the help of a couscelor maybe a priest or a pastor.Through the help of the conuselor the couple will settle their problem if they swallow their pride, humble themselves, repent for their immoral acts, forgive themselves, forgive each other and start life all over again. By all means both husband and wife have to exhaust all efforts to save their rocking marriage for the sake of the children and most especially for the salvation of their souls. Above all both parties must be sincere and with the blessing of the LORD the dying marriage will be saved.


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