El Nido: The Lagoons

The afternoon was a bit gloomy so we were deprived of blue skies and water.

elnido (2)


elnido (8)

But it turned out to be okay because this vampire came out to play. elnido (9)





elnido (15)

elnido (16)

elnido (17)

elnido (18)

Next stop: 7 Commandos Beach

elnido (19)

elnido (20)

Sad part was, we didn’t have cash on us and the lady who sold fresh juices didn’t trust our faces to let our guides pay her back the next time. Look at mother and son, who wouldn’t trust those innocent smiles!

elnido (21)

elnido (22)

elnido (23)

Heading home for the day…


elnido (25)

elnido (26)

elnido (27)


Walking back to our hotel. Mom and her new walking buddies.

elnido (29)

Our guides were so sweet.

elnido (30)

Still thirsty for water so we hit the pool.

elnido (31)

elnido (34)

Dinner meets sunburn…

elnido (32)

elnido (33)

Day one closed with peaceful snores.

Flights from Abu Dhabi to Manila


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