El Nido: A Beautiful Morning

El Nido

Good morning, day two!

El Nido Palawan

I love being by the sea in the early mornings, because when I listen hard enough, I hear the voice of God.


el nido (2)It makes me smile to know that my sister likes writing journals.

el nido (5) el nido (6)

The mother woke up and first thing she said was,
“I’m hungry.”

el nido (3)


DCIM100GOPRO el nido (9)Behold, the lowly servings. I had 5 cups of coffee to fill up my tummy.

el nido (10) DCIM100GOPROA usual day in El Nido is a choice between a set of tours (A, B, C, D). On this second day, both my mom and husband had their monthly period body chemistry synced. Both were passionately lethargic.

el nido (12)The nice thing about having a private boat is the flexibility to choose your destinations. So we just lazily drove to some places (the names I forgot) and took pictures along the way. DCIM100GOPRO el nido (14) el nido (15) el nido (16) DCIM100GOPRO el nido (18)DCIM100GOPRO el nido (22) DCIM100GOPRO el nido (24) el nido (25) el nido (26) el nido (27)

All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full. To the place the streams come from, there they return again. Ecclesiastes 1:7


Flights from Abu Dhabi to Manila


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