Kuala Lumpur: Hop-on Hop-off (Part 1)


We started with a lazy first day, so this day we aimed to be more productive.

KualaLumpur (3)

We did our research and found out that the cheapest way to explore the city is through the Hop-on Hop-off bus tour.

KualaLumpur (2)

“Our tour is the most comprehensive way to experience the magic of Kuala Lumpur… over 42 major sights and attractions. Guests can hop-on, hop-off as many times at the various tour stops during the validity of the ticket.”

They rank low in Trip Advisor and received a lot of negative feedback. This was helpful because we hopped on with low expectations. Not even a closed booth affected our happy spirits.

KualaLumpur (4)

To be fair, the guys in Stop #6 (where we started) were very friendly.


45 RM per person, valid for 24 hours.

KualaLumpur (7)

Our first bus was a double-decker with no open-air upper deck. It was sad but still ok because it was drizzling at that hour.

KualaLumpur (6)Stop #8: ChinatownKualaLumpur (8)

KualaLumpur (9) Stop #10: Little IndiaKualaLumpur (10) KualaLumpur (11) Stop #12: National Museum


We didn’t want to pay tickets to get in so the entrance became our playground.

KualaLumpur (12) KualaLumpur (13)KualaLumpur (14)

KualaLumpur (15)

KualaLumpur (17)

While waiting for the next bus, we had some ice cream. To our delight, they tasted so good – maybe the best street ice cream I’ve tasted so far. They should have a museum.

KualaLumpur (19)

KualaLumpur (20)

Stop #13: National PalaceDCIM100GOPROKualaLumpur (22)KualaLumpur (23)KualaLumpur (25)

Read Part 2 here.



10 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur: Hop-on Hop-off (Part 1)

  1. Wow, so good to see you two, explore Malaysia! Your aunt Lyn was just telling me the other night that we go there on my birthday, but having grown up in the 60s, I told her “But we don’t have the money my dear”. But who knows, maybe God will provide and we may end up going. So see as much as you can and give us tips if and when we could go.

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