Kuala Lumpur: Hop-on Hop-off (Part 2)


Read Part 1 here. 

KualaLumpur (2)

It was a fine day. The sun wasn’t up and the rain didn’t pour either – this is the perfect weather for Asians who are “afraid” of the sun.


Stop #14 and #15: Lake Garden, Butterfly Park, Bird Park and Orchid Garden.

KualaLumpur (24)We didn’t really go in.

KualaLumpur (6)

We waited to try the open-top double-decker bus. The buses run circle, daily from 9:00 am until 8:00 pm at around 30 minutes intervals.

Waiting very patiently.DCIM100GOPRO

KualaLumpur (3)

KualaLumpur (4)

Ahh, finally!

DCIM100GOPROKualaLumpur (8) Stop #17: Independence SquareKualaLumpur (10)

KualaLumpur (12)


KualaLumpur (14)

Drizzle along the way.


Stop #23: KLCC, the Petronas towers

KualaLumpur (17) DCIM100GOPRO KualaLumpur (19)

Stop #2: KL Tower

KualaLumpur (20) DCIM100GOPRO KualaLumpur (22) KualaLumpur (23)

Sightseeing fellow tourists who were sightseeing us.

KualaLumpur (24)

KualaLumpur (27)We wanted to see the city at night so we took one more round.

KualaLumpur (15)

Ooh look, something familiar! I saw the words etihad.com/en-my and I felt a fresh surge of pride. The work I do matters in another world, even if I feel so insignificant in the office hub.KualaLumpur (25)


Rain or shine, this is how we roll.


The full round trip (with hop-offs in a few places) took almost 3.5 hours. The full round trip with no stops took 2 hours.

KualaLumpur (29)

We recommend this tour but be sure you hop-on with the lowest expectations: bus may be dirty, WiFi not accessible, commentary not clear and intervals not precise.

But compared to other city tours, the price you pay is all worth it.


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