Haddins Primal Transformation XVII – Week 4

Read week 3 here.

After last week’s mini weight gain, I was more determined to be on track.

haddins-primal-4 (1)

5 more days to go…

haddins-primal-4 (2)

I felt stronger and fitter. Best of all, I felt happier waking up with a purpose each day.haddins-primal-4 (3)

I couldn’t do the mid-week homework so I ran instead.

haddins-primal-4 (5)

I ran every morning for 20 minutes before going to work.

haddins-primal-4 (6)

One day before the big finish and I fitted into my old college uniform! I haven’t worn this in years.

Weight check: 61.8

haddins-primal-4 (4) The last day had arrived. I was pumped up and anxious at the same time.

haddins-primal-4 (7)

Assessment time!

Weight: from 66.4 kg to 61.5 kg.
Clap. Clap. Clap.

haddins-primal-4 (9)

Waist: from 85 cm to 75 cm.
My heart was pounding. I had to do it over and over for me to be convinced.

haddins-primal-4 (8)

Thighs: from 58 cm to 57 cm
Arms: from 30 cm to 29 cm

haddins-primal-4 (10)haddins-primal-4 (12)

After the last assessment, I felt a sudden surge of happiness. I did it! I was able to exceed my own record.

As the group stretched and cooled down, a sense of sadness lingered as I realized I had no Primal activity to wake up to the next day.

haddins-primal-4 (11)

A big thank you to our trainer Sam. He made my first Primal experience something I would like to do again. Thanks to the whole Haddins Team, they bring fitness to a higher level by making a family out of all of us.

haddins-primal-4 (13)

Kara and I went home with big smiles on our faces and our money back for completing all the 20 days. We have decided to reserve this for another Primal adventure in the next few months.haddins-primal-4 (14)

Week 4 success!

haddins-primal-4 (17)

I have kept track of my weight for the past 20 days…
Fat percentage on the right side

haddins-primal-4 (15)

Ignore my hobbit feet. Hardwork pays off!

haddins-primal-4 (16)

We always equate weight loss with pain and deprivation. Haddins Primal Transformation is a perfect mix of fun, hard work and genuine results. It can become an addiction.

haddins-primal-4 (19)

This is just the beginning.


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