Haddins Primal Transformation XVII – Week 3

Read week 2 here.

By week 3, every time I ate, I thought of these stairs. I became more aware of what I ate and how it would affect my body.haddins-primal-3 (1) Kara and I shifted to the 6 PM class. The sessions became the highlights of my day. No matter how stressful things were at work, I looked forward to sweating at the end of the day.

haddins-primal-3 (2) haddins-primal-3 (3)

Everyday was a different workout. Nothing was boring. I never expected that much fun from a circle of sweaty people.
haddins-primal-3 (4) haddins-primal-3 (5)

I made my mornings productive by jogging around my neighborhood before heading off to work.

haddins-primal-3 (6)

100 Burpees challenge to end the weekday!

haddins-primal-3 (7)


haddins-primal-3 (8)

haddins-primal-3 (10)

Weight check: 63.4

The only time I cheated was with a sushi sandwhich and I gained a little. I felt so bad.haddins-primal-3 (9) Week 3 not satisfactory!

haddins-primal-3 (11)

Read week 4 here.


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