Kuala Lumpur: Chocolate Kingdom and Thean Hou Temple


Good morning last day!

Breakfast has lost its appeal. If it’s the same food, 5 days in a row, it would. But our parents raised us to always be thankful for any kind of food served to us.

So we ate as much as we could from our last buffet of the day.

Kuala-lumpur-chocolate-kingdom (2) Kuala-lumpur-chocolate-kingdom (3)

We had a full day ahead of us and I was eager to get out of the hotel. There was nothing special about our stay at the Sky Express Hotel Bukit Bintang, so I won’t even make an effort to write about the hotel.

Kuala-lumpur-chocolate-kingdom (4)

The original plan was for us to take the public transport to Batu Caves. But we met a tour operator in the hotel lobby who offered us taxi service plus some special stops along the way.

I’ve noticed that a lot of Kuala Lumpur’s tour guides are elderly people. They are living proof of hard work and an inspiration to the senior citizens of the world.

First stop: The Chocolate Kingdom
DCIM100GOPROMy sister the cow… errr.. my sister and the cow.
Kuala-lumpur-chocolate-kingdom (6)

I think we spent more time with this cow in the entrance than the chocolates inside.Kuala-lumpur-chocolate-kingdom (7)

“At Beryl’s it’s all about delivering the best chocolates in Malaysia.” 
Kuala-lumpur-chocolate-kingdom (8) Kuala-lumpur-chocolate-kingdom (9) Kuala-lumpur-chocolate-kingdom (10) Kuala-lumpur-chocolate-kingdom (11)“Ensuring that our chocolates retain the same great taste every time, we use only the very best ingredients. These include beans from Ghana, a globally recognized source of the very best cocoa beans.”DCIM100GOPRO

I don’t always follow rules. If a place so mouth-watering as this says “no camera allowed,” I ask the question “why?” and take a snap.
DCIM100GOPROMy sister and I were on a budget so we didn’t buy anything. We did try their free tastes and yes, they were heavenly. I loved the tiramisu chocolate!Kuala-lumpur-chocolate-kingdom (14)

Second stop: Thean Hou Temple

Kuala-Lumpur-Chinese-temple (2)“It is a landmark six-tiered Chinese temple built by the Hainanese community, dedicated to Goddess Tian Hou (The Heavenly Mother).”Kuala-Lumpur-Chinese-temple (3) Kuala-Lumpur-Chinese-temple (4) Kuala-Lumpur-Chinese-temple (5) Kuala-Lumpur-Chinese-temple (6)



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